Tender Tendrils

cuke flowers and tendrils

With the same camera I capture the hair like stuff on a cucumber blossom, but my son’s 6th grade graduation pictures came out grainy. My son begged not to go to his graduation. He says he hates school, and a half day already today was enough for him. I made him go. He is lucky they did not have to wear cap and gowns or else I would have let him skip that nonsense. He had a decent, borderline good time. He received an academic excellence award for having an average above 93 all three trimesters. Intelligence runs in my family. Unfortunately, so does insanity and OCD, and a lack of social skills. I am trying to improve myself on all three. I am hoping I did not contribute anything too damaging to my procreates.

I love the tendrils on veggie plants. Maybe, I should try eating them to see if they taste like bean sprouts. First, I would research if they were edible. I would love to take a class on foraging for wild edibles. Then after I think about it, I would forget which were not safe to eat or just too bitter. The internet is really an amazing replacement for part of my memory.

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