No Child (or pitbull) Left Behind

you’re not leaving without me

My dipsy doodle dog, stayed in the van while it was being loaded up, despite the heat.  She suffers from extreme anxiety about being left behind. It always makes me wonder what happened to her before we sprung her from the SPCA. For her own good, we forced her out and put her under a tree with water, while I sat nearby. They did not allow me to pack anything in the van as well.

I have been busy trying to settle in, avoid heat exhaustion, and amuse myself without TV or internet. We still are doing without TV, but I finally had the internet hooked up today. I read three books, painted walls, unpacked, and went through a tote full of photographs. That was my amusement. I still have more painting to do. I am slow at everything. I have lost a few more pounds, maybe from the heat.

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