Sorting Priorities

Erie Canal lock

Shortly after moving in I quickly burned out from trying to get everything accomplished that I wanted done at my new place. I still have a list of places I need to change my address with. I still have empty planters and sun burned cucumber seedlings. I acquired more projects from dumpster diving, and gifts of used items from friends. I have a small pile of broken glass in photo frames that I vowed I would fix. I wilted from the heat. My son is exhausted from staying up and out late with friends. I still need staple food items to cook meals.  I am about ready to pull the reins.  I have decided the ladder is going back to my Mom’s (she asked for it back). I will finish painting the walls closer to fall, when hopefully it will be cooler. I might even  find my own ladder at a garage sale or dumpster. I still have plenty of painting projects to do meanwhile. My front door is going to be purple. I received an old wooden box that I am making into a planter box, that will be painted purple as well. I still need a birdbath and to transplant some of my Mom’s perennials into my empty planters on my porch. I have trips planned to teach my son local history of the Native Americans and canals and perhaps some war stuff too. I also promised him a trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame.I have also been thinking of working on my bucket list, or at least trying to remember what is even on it.

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