I am a dreamer

I have not been too keen on posting lately. I live near a fine line of depression and helplessness. I don’t want to write about that aspect of my life.

I keep racking up the projects I want to see happen. I scored a few more things off craigslist, so now even more projects. I need to finish painting my porch this week. Ashley, our dog, is coming back to live with us. She has been staying with my daughter and son-in-law  since I had my stroke. Ashley coming here represents even more projects. I have to train her to walk gently with me. She gets excited and pulls too strongly now. I need to bake her treats. She has sensitive skin, and allergies to some foods. I can’t wait for my copilot for car rides. She loves road trips as much as me. I will have to combine the road trips with other adventures to conserve on gas. I wish I had a pony cart to hook her up to. I believe she is strong enough to pull me around.

I saw a free  boat on craigslist. I thought it would make an awesome quest cabin for my yard. I have no real way of getting it here. I already have too many projects lined up. A girl can dream  though.