The Rest Of My Life

ImageI have not posted in forever it seems. I could make a million excuses. It all comes down to I don’t think I have anything press worthy to write. I have decided that if I want to keep working at this blog, I will be writing even when I don’t think my life is exciting enough. I had a birthday recently, and I believe I am about halfway through my life. I certainly am aiming high, considering my  stroke and two other little tias.I actually have more clarity in my brain. It might just be due from sleeping in whenever I want. That luxury will be gone in about 12 days when school starts back up. I have my dog back, and she is still quite the character. She loves riding in the car. I try to take her everywhere I go, but with warm weather that is not always possible. We went to a garage sale today. I only could look quick, because I left her in the car, in the sun. I thought of leaving the car running, so she would have the AC. I envisioned her shifting gears and backing out into the road. She always jumps over and sits in my seat when I get out. I found an old red wagon with metal wheels, it was only $25. I wanted to buy it so badly, but I already blew my budget this month. I did walk away with 4 little yellow squashes for $1. I had unexpected (yet always expect the unexpected) car repairs and a vet bill (already). Ashley has another ear infection. The vet did a good job cleaning out her ears. I wish I could afford to take her there every week to clean them. Even so, I don’t think that would prevent the infections. The culture he did said it was not bacterial. My car brakes went from having a funny sound only when wet, to sounding like my wheels were going to disintergrate in a short period of time.  This happened a few days after the vet trip and after my birthday shopping spree. By shopping spree I mean I went to one store to get a sofa cover that usually sells for $80 to $100, or more, for only $30.’

I did not mean to blog about my money whoas. I just want to give the background story of my financial push towards selling my treasures on ebay. If you want to look at my listings, my name is Diana14gallery. I only have a few odds and ends listed now. I have only had one successful ebay sale, and that was over a year and a half ago. I was collecting stuff in my shed for a yard sale, but I am not sure if I have enough stuff to lure people to a yard sale. My shed is a trainwreck of disaster. The roof has lost most of its covering, so it has been leaking in places since before I moved in. It also has a thick oil sludge on the floor from the previous owner. It also has more spiders than my house. These all add up to too creepy for an inside garage sale. If the weather does not cooperate on whatever weekend I choose to have my sale, it might not happen at all. I tried to list 11 items on craigslist, and did not get even a question about any of my adds. I live in a rural area, the thin population most likely does not shop on craigslist. It makes sense, why drive 50 miles to buy my 25 cent glassware. I don’t have any big ticket items to sell. Unfortunately, I still can’t use my left arm and hand to hold onto or lift anything. I still have to concentrate on not tripping over my own left foot when I walk. My dream of buying and reselling furniture is out of the question (at least the large pieces).