Paring Down and Papering Up

I am getting rid of my growing pile of junk tomorrow, hopefully. I decided to have my yard sale, ready or not. I have priced out most items and made tags. I made a big sign. I wrote out my craigslist ad. I have items, such as my ironing board to make temporary tables. I have plenty of outdoor projects to do between customers. If I only make a few dollars that is ok. I hope to learn what people are looking for at a sale. I might even meet a few more neighbors. All proceeds will be saved for my new roof fund.

My sister brought down my washer and drier today. She nearly died of heat exhaustion hooking them up. She is a trooper. I am happy that nothing was damaged getting them set up. I am happy they don’t leak. I was doing laundry all day. This is going to be short, I have a million things to get ready.