Just Tired

Are you there Dave?………….Dave?

I am trying to get back on a more normal sleep schedule with school coming up so fast. I was still up to almost 2 AM last night. I woke up for the second time just before 10 AM. At least that is better than sleeping until noon to 1 PM. Sunday, I was up and at it from 6:45AM onward. I can feel it today. I am still trying to get my small house not to look like a yard sale exploded from a volcano and only landed inside my house.

I scored a free plant stand from freecycle today. More organizing and rearranging, and that will go somewhere. I will then be able to take care of my growing pile of houseplants. I should take a picture of my killer cucumber plants. They almost look like pumpkins, except the flowers are small like cucumbers. It is raining here, so I might not get to it for awhile.

Never Again

I spent hours setting up my little sale, and it did look small. It was windy, so my signs blew over or away. I only had 3 customers besides my son’s friends. It was too hot. I was thinking, I would not stop in this heat and leave my air conditioned vehicle. I did not do any of my outdoor tasks. My skin gets too spotty in the sun.  I was surprised at how easy it was to pack everything away. I have a few things to take to goodwill, and the rest I will try to reprice and list on ebay…..or save for my next attempt….which won’t have to go far to be an improvement….I made $6.75 half in quarters, and I don’t need them for laundry anymore.