Keeping Up The Promise To Myself

At the same time I feel like I am letting everyone else down. I am back¬† trying to blog everyday. Today was a blah day, I slept intermittently last night. It was too cold. Instead of fighting with the window to get it closed, I stayed under the one thin blanket with my ears covered. I started out trying to get everything in the car to take to goodwill. I emptied one tote, which is good. I need to pack some more things up, which is not so good. I still can’t find some of my things. To add to the list of things I can’t find I have two led flashlights somewhere. Since my electricity stopped working in the bathroom flashlights would be nice to find. The candle that I was using finally gave out.¬† Candles are not that bright or safe. I have more candles, but trying to save them for real emergencies or parties, whichever comes first.