Chugging Away

I have been busy tying to figure out how ebay works, now that I actually sold a few things. I learn the hard way. I can’t remember everything I read, like I used to. I can’t even remember how to find things that I found before. It gets frustrating. Taping items to ship with one hand is frustrating too. Tie one hand behind your back and try it. One thing that is far from figured out is what to charge for shipping. Ebay automatically puts in some crazy amount, like $50 for a 99 cent item. I finally figured out why those items were not selling, and figured out how to change them.

Try searching for a question that was already asked. It does not come up. Then ask on the discussion board to have some snarky bitch say read the rules. I would just like to say point me to these mysterious things, that was my question in the first place. Like most things gone technical, they forget the logical step by step I grew up on. Computers were not in every home back then. Heck, there was one whole computer they had us marvel at when I was a senior in high school. I never got to touch it. Thank the stars for the geniuses at wordpress, or I would not have a blog. A blog I have to neglect while I burn my eyes out staring at ebay. Other contributors to my burn out today was my son’s back to school shopping trip. I am glad that is done. He is about as confusing as ebay.