Young stroke victim gets new lease on life

Young stroke victim gets new lease on life.

This article hits home in more ways than one. First the girl was so young. I was considered “young” to have a stroke at more than twice her age. Two, she had a family history. My grandmother died after having several strokes. Three, her name is Katrina, the same as my daughter. Makes me realize, I might not be the last in line to have a stroke. Four, she wants to dance again. I am far from a ballerina, but I wish I could dance. I would like to just twirl, without falling over.

Bittersweet Kind Of Day

Yes, that is a cracked glass. Well at least it did not cost me anything. It was a craigslist freebie. I picked up a trunk load a few weeks back curbside. I made $1 from an angel from the same haul. Sad thing is, I broke many glasses this week. Today I broke my ice tea glass, at least I had finished the contents first. I also broke more glasses and a bowl putting away the dishes. I bought paper cups, but I still like glass for cold ice tea.

I also fell today. The first time in months. I turned inside my small kitchen, my good knee did not twist right. I went down, like a elephant. I did get back up, after the dog licked me to make sure I was ok. She might have just been trying to see if I had food I spilled. I was babysitting at the time. My son’s friend got a good laugh.

I also saw a snake again in my shed. At least something likes my shed.  I still have not found the footrests of my wheelchair. They must be in my shed, the snakes are hiding them.  Two people stopped to buy it today. I am hoping they take it tomorrow without the footrests.