First Day of School Eve

I could not post yesterday, my internet connection was painfully slow. I had labels to print for my ebay sales. My printer decides to make it’s weird noise, black screen thing. I did not beat it with a baseball bat, because my son would get mad if I ruined his bat. It is working now, why? Must be the same reason my electricity is not quite right in my house. This has always been my curse. I used to joke about it, no joke. I used to get thrown into deep depressions about all the electrical machines that don’t work for me. I used to accuse people of putting curses on me. I wonder if aliens abducted me, and I have a chip implanted giving off a mess everything up signal.

Anyway, about my good luck of late. I have scored more free stuff from freecycle. Yes, my super small house is starting to look like a hoarder house. I have cut up boards i my utility room, so I knock them over every time I try to squeeze in to do laundry. I got a car load of free packing peanuts, so that takes up one wall in my room. I scored loads of books, that at first glance at home, I groaned I would have to haul them all to be recycled. On second thought and after sorting and researching titles, I  might be able to squeeze a few bucks out of them. I am addicted to selling things on ebay. I have sold 15 items so far.