When Will I Learn

I can not work in the sun. I am not cut out for physical labor. The bugs want to eat me alive. I must be sweet.

I wilted fast this morning as I gathered as many free cement blocks, bricks, rocks, and urban crete as I could. There is a soul out there that has the yard of my dreams. Eccentric as another woman, gathering the free goods, called it. The trouble is, hisĀ  house is on the market, and the realtor wants the hardscaping gone. It is an urban grotto on steroids that took the owner 20 years to complete. I always knew I was born in the wrong century. This guy was probably my soulmate.

I might have enough now to build my out-door oven/grill. I might even have enough left over to start my raised beds. I hope I can go back tomorrow for another round. I don’t have a truck or strong muscles, but if I keep chugging, I think I can move some mountains. I will definitely take my camera.