22 Items sold so far

I have sold 22 items on ebay. I made enough to actually save some of it for repairing my roof. I still have a long way to go. I already used up my 50 free listings, so now I have to be more careful. No more 99 cent jewelry, because after the fees, and cost of envelopes, and printer ink, and time, there is nothing left. I might post them in the next free listing offer, or try another yard sale before winter. I am still learning the in’s and outs of the shipping costs, rules, how to list to get noticed, and all that fun stuff. I took a hit on a few shipping charges, but in others I made a few cents. Thankfully a few things went for more than my minimum bid. So, basically I reached my initial goal for the month, now I hope to perfect my strategy and up my goal for the next few months.

I have some mini cucumbers finally. I hope to get to pick a few before they freeze. They also have a mini farmers market almost across the street from me on Saturday. I feel like I am in a real village now.