Found A BIG Thrift Store

It is not on my regular rounds of cruising around. I am going to go back for sure, when I have other things going on that way. When I stopped today, I had my dog in the car. I could only find partial shade to park in. It was in the 60’s and sunny, so I had to be quick. I did not even search the front corner of the store and I spotted these. Instant love at first sight. I could not find anything to match, so I am jonesing to go back soon. Next time I will leave the dog home. She was my faithful companion, and got her sniffing out the window dog brain activity in, while I went and picked up a huge box of stuff from craigslist. I have a few things for my ebay sight, hope to list them tonight. I have a few things for my next yard sale, whenever that miracle happens. I also have a couple of things I am going to use myself, like fall wreaths. I have not got my act together to make a wreath for my door. I bought a wreath form, and have some ideas in my head. Nothing ever was produced, YET. Ha, Ha, now I can procrastinate longer. I also had to dig in my shed for my yarn bin. While in there I had to pull out my Halloween decorations. We bought a small pumpkin from the neighbor. I had picked up a bucket of HUGE pine cones that fell in my yard. With the fall wreaths and the chill in the air, it calls for my favorite holiday to be dragged out longer than intended.

I also managed to get a little walk in on the horse trail on the way home. Ashley does not run as much with just me there. I can not run at all, or even walk fast. I hope to step up my walking as much as my swollen ankle allows.