I knew this tree was going to be a problem someday. It was already dead. It was near my property line and shed. I was not sure if it was the corner of my line, or of it was planted on my neighbors. They used it for a mowing line marker. It did however land directly on my backyard. It also shattered into hundreds of pieces. I picked up over half of them today. The neighbor boy was eagerly sawing off the remaining branches. His dad said he would come over with the chain saw. He needed to get it gassed and fired up first. I need to accelerate my plans to build an outdoor fire pit/barbecue. I also need to build some raised beds to put all the bark chaff into so it will compost over the winter. It will be a mini Huglekultur raised bed.

I quit early tonight. I was getting too cold, even with my hoodie on. I was so tired after dinner I fell asleep.