Lady Luck

Well this is another view of  the shattered tree and that is my ram shackelled shed in the background. It WILL look nice and pretty someday. I threw my bricks and blocks I got free, and some free pallets are stacked there. I also have a stack of plates, cause I saw a neat idea on pinterest to edge your garden beds with plates. Anyhow, this post is about today’s storm and tornado warnings. I felt like a sitting duck. I have four huge trees to the east of me. The wind was coming from the southeast today. Very unusual. I have no basement, you do the math. I am not sure, bit I think my utility room would be the safest. there is no windows. There is barely room for me to stand in there, let alone the dog. It would be harder to get the dog in the bathtub during a tornado. I might buy her and I crash helmets. I keep telling my son to get ready  to put his bike helmet on in case of tornado or bad winds. Well, we made it through this one. The trees in my side yard are a lot healthier with lots of leaves. Only a few small branches fell today.

I stayed inside most of the day, after I rescued my camp chair I had out to sit between cleaning up the day before. I am taking advantage of the free listings I get at ebay. I am putting a bunch of 99 cent merchandise on. I just need my number a little higher, since some people are scared to bid on a low numbered seller. Or so they say, and what do they know. I have about 30 percent sell through, and that is not too shabby. I just need to upgrade my merchandise to up my profit. I also need to perfect the shipping game, it is killing me.