My baby boy goes off to his first middle school dance

from ebay seller diana14gallery

I gave up my Friday night out at the auction, so I could be closer to home. Just in case I get the phone call from my son to pick him up early from the dance. He has been looking forward to it all week. Two hours in and no phone call. That is a good sign. He has been talking about some girls in  his homework to his buddy all week. I overheard him, but he sort of clams up when I ask him anything. Then he said, so I can ask a girl to hang out here, and the kicker, all the time. Wow, what is up with all the time? Why can’t he just call once in awhile. Dance with her once or twice. Maybe go see a movie together next month. He is only 12, and without a job, I will be damned if I fund him and his 12 year old crush to have a better time than me, He spent yesterday sulking and moody when I asked him to help me finish cleaning up the tree. He wants to get paid for it, I want him to actually help before he gets paid. That is the American way, with me as president. But, I feel like a dictator bossing him around. I need to sit him down and discuss calmly the rules for earning money to do fun stuff. I will try not to give the walk to work barefoot for 7 miles in my day speech.

I have been shamelessly plugging my ebay site (diana14gallery) on pinterest. I desperately need extra cash. I need to get my furnace started up by a professional. It is a natural gas hot water baseboard boiler type thing. It is much more complicated than electric. Hopefully it will be more economical. I fired up the quartz eden pure type heater. It has been a little chilly at night, so no one wants to get out of bed in the morning. My dog actually left my bed, to sleep on the sofa, roasting in front of the heater. She is a smart girl. If I was smart, I would just move the thing closer to my room. I will probably bring it into my son’s room if he starts to get his yearly bronchitis attack. Other pressing winter issues are keeping mice out of my house and shed. They are already in my shed. I have snakes in there too. They are supposed to eat mice, but they are not doing the job. I don’t want the snakes in there either, so I have been contemplating chickens or guinea hens to take care of it. Of course that brings on multiple other problems I can’t deal with now.

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