Closer To Normal

I have been  picking up so much free junque my house was getting close to being nominated for Hoarders. I only have 680 square feet to work with, so I have to be careful. I have sold quite a few things, 54 so far. I decided to get rid of my “free” stacks of magazines that I never had time to look through. I took them all to be recycled. Almost all great ideas end up online now anyway. Then I can put them on pinterest, instead of filling up my square footage. I also sold enough to empty out a tote of packing peanuts that I also got for free. I dropped off a small bag at goodwill, and only bought a small bag of stuff there to replace it. I need to clean everything up and take pictures. This will have to wait until tomorrow.

I spent quite a bit of time chopping up veggies that my neighbor grew and gave me. I fried up the broccoli (the freshest I had ever seen), tomatilla (not recognized by spellcheck), two kinds of peppers, and tomatoes red and green. I then mixed it all with brown rice. It was good, for something I cooked. It needed more spice. I just put in a little black pepper and garlic.
Tomorrow, after the picture taking and organizing what is left I hope to bake some banana blueberry muffins, or bread. I hope it is good enough to give some to the neighbors who have did so  much for me so far.

2 thoughts on “Closer To Normal

  1. Ugh, magazines! That’s my hoarders weakness. I have stacks and stacks just waiting to be read. and I can’t throw any of them out because then I feel like I’m missing something. I figure if I ever break a hip and I’m bedridden for awhile, I’m going to need something to read.

  2. Glass jars and cooking utensils. I cannot throw them away, no matter how beat up, useless, and melted they are. Btw, I would love LOVE your recipe for banana blueberry muffins if it’s something you share, they sound delicious!! And it’s sound like you have amazing neighbors!! 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting my blog by the way!!

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