22 Items sold so far

I have sold 22 items on ebay. I made enough to actually save some of it for repairing my roof. I still have a long way to go. I already used up my 50 free listings, so now I have to be more careful. No more 99 cent jewelry, because after the fees, and cost of envelopes, and printer ink, and time, there is nothing left. I might post them in the next free listing offer, or try another yard sale before winter. I am still learning the in’s and outs of the shipping costs, rules, how to list to get noticed, and all that fun stuff. I took a hit on a few shipping charges, but in others I made a few cents. Thankfully a few things went for more than my minimum bid. So, basically I reached my initial goal for the month, now I hope to perfect my strategy and up my goal for the next few months.

I have some mini cucumbers finally. I hope to get to pick a few before they freeze. They also have a mini farmers market almost across the street from me on Saturday. I feel like I am in a real village now.

Hey, It Is The Weekend, Take It Easy

It looks like it is time to clean the windows. That is a dog hair in the shot. It was caught in the wood. I checked my camera lens first. I should have retaken the picture, but eh. I have one pumpkin outside, and these three. That is the extent of my fall decorating so far. I have been doing more destruction lately, instead of home improvements. I did not make it back to pick up more free rocks. It was windy, and threat of storms. It did rain, nothing drastic. I saved my muscles, and gas money.

When Will I Learn

I can not work in the sun. I am not cut out for physical labor. The bugs want to eat me alive. I must be sweet.

I wilted fast this morning as I gathered as many free cement blocks, bricks, rocks, and urban crete as I could. There is a soul out there that has the yard of my dreams. Eccentric as another woman, gathering the free goods, called it. The trouble is, his  house is on the market, and the realtor wants the hardscaping gone. It is an urban grotto on steroids that took the owner 20 years to complete. I always knew I was born in the wrong century. This guy was probably my soulmate.

I might have enough now to build my out-door oven/grill. I might even have enough left over to start my raised beds. I hope I can go back tomorrow for another round. I don’t have a truck or strong muscles, but if I keep chugging, I think I can move some mountains. I will definitely take my camera.

Getting the Ya Yas Out

I took my snorting horse butt dog to the state park, so she could get her run on. We went on the horse trail. I make sure no one is around before we let her off leash. She sounds like a horse running full speed. She gets exhausted pretty fast. She usually falls asleep on the 10 minute ride home. For some reason she gets excited to smell horses when we drive by them. She usually starts to snort when she smells them through the crack the car window is lowered. Boy her collar is pretty grimy. I was going to take it off to wash it. Maybe tomorrow I will remember. I hope Santa brings her a new one, or the collar fairy. Running with pit bulls is fun, but almost impossible for me. I need to go walk around the neighborhood now, to get my own horse butt in shape.

First Day of School Eve

I could not post yesterday, my internet connection was painfully slow. I had labels to print for my ebay sales. My printer decides to make it’s weird noise, black screen thing. I did not beat it with a baseball bat, because my son would get mad if I ruined his bat. It is working now, why? Must be the same reason my electricity is not quite right in my house. This has always been my curse. I used to joke about it, no joke. I used to get thrown into deep depressions about all the electrical machines that don’t work for me. I used to accuse people of putting curses on me. I wonder if aliens abducted me, and I have a chip implanted giving off a mess everything up signal.

Anyway, about my good luck of late. I have scored more free stuff from freecycle. Yes, my super small house is starting to look like a hoarder house. I have cut up boards i my utility room, so I knock them over every time I try to squeeze in to do laundry. I got a car load of free packing peanuts, so that takes up one wall in my room. I scored loads of books, that at first glance at home, I groaned I would have to haul them all to be recycled. On second thought and after sorting and researching titles, I  might be able to squeeze a few bucks out of them. I am addicted to selling things on ebay. I have sold 15 items so far.

Young stroke victim gets new lease on life

Young stroke victim gets new lease on life.

This article hits home in more ways than one. First the girl was so young. I was considered “young” to have a stroke at more than twice her age. Two, she had a family history. My grandmother died after having several strokes. Three, her name is Katrina, the same as my daughter. Makes me realize, I might not be the last in line to have a stroke. Four, she wants to dance again. I am far from a ballerina, but I wish I could dance. I would like to just twirl, without falling over.

Bittersweet Kind Of Day

Yes, that is a cracked glass. Well at least it did not cost me anything. It was a craigslist freebie. I picked up a trunk load a few weeks back curbside. I made $1 from an angel from the same haul. Sad thing is, I broke many glasses this week. Today I broke my ice tea glass, at least I had finished the contents first. I also broke more glasses and a bowl putting away the dishes. I bought paper cups, but I still like glass for cold ice tea.

I also fell today. The first time in months. I turned inside my small kitchen, my good knee did not twist right. I went down, like a elephant. I did get back up, after the dog licked me to make sure I was ok. She might have just been trying to see if I had food I spilled. I was babysitting at the time. My son’s friend got a good laugh.

I also saw a snake again in my shed. At least something likes my shed.  I still have not found the footrests of my wheelchair. They must be in my shed, the snakes are hiding them.  Two people stopped to buy it today. I am hoping they take it tomorrow without the footrests.