Still Plenty of Green

Fall the beginning

I love the springtime, when everything comes back to life. I like fall too, even though it seems like too many leaves have given up.

I took a walk yesterday down the street, to a garage sale. It turned out a bit farther than it looked from the car. That was OK, I remembered my cane. I also took an empty backpack, in case I found something. I came back with a bag of goodies that cost me $3. I am now trying to take pictures to post on ebay. My SD card is full. The only other card I can find is full. I went through all of both and deleted anything that was expendable. I have them all saved to my computer, but I feel the need to have back up as well. I have no idea where my other cards are, I think I bought two last time. That means there should be a fresh one somewhere.

We also took Ashley yesterday in the car. I had hoped she could get a run in before it rained again. It rained on and off all morning. No luck, we drove into the blackest cloud. It rained the rest of the day. We took her today. You can hear her excitement as she breaths and snorts and whines as we turn down the road towards the state park. As soon as I pulled in I saw a deer run across the path and into the woods. I hope it is not hunting season. We need to start wearing orange to go walk.

My son, back to his ham/narcissistic ways, wanted to have more pictures taken. I got a few good shots. I took the camera to get a couple of fall leaves shots, but the trees around the park all looked green. The ground told a different story.