Oh Snap

These snap-on tools tie tacs are just a small portion of my $3 yard sale score last weekend. I took some bad pics, and listed them on ebay. Sales have slowed down. I have relisted some stuff too many times. It is free to list for a while promo, so no listing fees to worry about.

I went shopping today. I got myself a 16 GB SD card for my camera. Now, I won’t have to go through hundreds of pics to delete a few dozen for space. I need to get that in my camera ASAP and post the rest of my treasures on ebay while it is still free listing.

Other fun things were bought as well. My dog now has a rufferee costume for Halloween. My son picked that out. She can wear it when she is cold as well. I am not the type to wear something once and stow it away. (except for dresses).

I would love to write more, but got to fuel up the money machine.