Not a real post, just an update

Friday Flashback to 1982 or 83?

This is my numero uno, way back. He looks like a natural, wrists up. I was cleaning my room (still) and this pack of pictures fell out of an album. So of course I have to stop everything and look through them. They are mostly of him, a few of me. I looked so young!  (18) Just what I need to see when I am almost 50. Anyhow, this young prodigy went on (not to play piano) but an artist just the same. His work is now on display at Boston Common Coffee Company in downtown Boston. Stop by, grab a coffee, and look at some artwork! I wish I could be there to see myself. I am so tempted to drive there for a day or two to see.

Be forewarned similar blast from the past pictures might surface of other children of mine. They might even be wearing brightly colored jumpsuits! It was the 80’s/90’s and I was hooked on Sears clearance clothing that I charged and paid for years later.

I have a car load of free stuff I need to unload, in the rain. If I don’t slide on the freakin’ wet deck getting the stuff in, I will stay up most the night sorting. I most likely will take a few bags directly to goodwill tomorrow. But, I got vintage pyrex, and I am so jonesing to clean it up and list it.  If you don’t hear from me again, it means I cracked my skull somewhere near the slippery porch.

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