I Love My New Job

Where else can you look at Rambo coloring books, and hopefully sell them? I still need to tweak my organization of “stock”. I had to dig through a pile on top of a tote, to get a book I sold at the bottom. My room is only about 6′ wide. I had to add an electric heater to the middle of my room today. I woke up with a sore throat and swollen glands, and a freezing room. I have been chugging the OJ, so hopefully that and the ramped up heat will have me as good as new tomorrow.

It was so nice and sunny out today for a big change. I ventured to get a burn barrel, to dispose of my million of pieces of tree I have piled in my yard. The inside of the open ones were coated in paint. That might be toxic to burn, so that and the people did not answer the door, made up my mind not to go that route. I might attempt the brick and block outdoor oven/bbq, even though I can’t commit to a placement. If I don’t mortar it together, I could just move it at a later time.  Or if I wait long enough, it might be all decomposed before I get around to it.


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