Oh, Woe is me


I am sick. My 90 something year old uncle died. I am too sick to fight his wife’s relatives for a decent burial. I am too sick to go to the Friday night auction. Wa wa wa. I could go on. I am trying to pull myself together to clean my germ infested house, and make mass quantities of food. I am starving. Yesterday I was queasy but not today. I think I have the plague, just exaggerating a little. I have not been this sick since I had my stroke. It could just be a common cold or sinus infection.  I have not had either of them full blown in awhile. I did manage to sleep well, last night and this morning. I now hope to have enough energy to make it to the store tomorrow. I need to restock my supply of tissues and OJ.

I needed to update, in put in correct spelling of the title (gives it the meaning I was going for)