Indecisive division


I wasted hours tonight trying to decide on purchasing a fire pit (complete), fire ring, or looking at the diy fire pits and seeing what I will end up with. It was still time better spent then watching a presidential debate. I think I will stick with my plan of building a brick bbq. I have always wanted one, I can add on my brick oven later. It should be easy to do in a square design, with rectangle bricks. Everyone else seems to build round fire pits now, and I like to be different. That does not mean I won’t change my mind tomorrow.

I also contacted a stroke support group. To see if I could benefit, or be of any help to them. I will forget about that for now, until I get a response. My vow to walk everyday (again) starting today did not happen. I had a splitting headache. I will try my new routine tomorrow. Now I am off to bed early, to make my new plans possible.