Leaves bigger than my foot!


These are from tall oak trees, in the state park. There were ton’s of acorn tops laying around too. The squirrels must have already squirreled away the nuts. I learned last year humans can eat acorns too. You just have to soak the tannin out. I am not going to try, since my stroke I became allergic to most of my favorite nuts. It is good to know in case of emergency. I guess you just have to learn to be smarter than a squirrel to survive.

These are the pretty shoes that hurt my feet. I had to get rid of my heels, my beloved clogs and other shoes that won’t stay on my post stroke left foot. The soles of these shoes are comfy, until I step down on their ungiving hardness. I think next month I am making room in my budget for a new pair of new balance, exact copies of my old sneaks I love. I need to keep walking. I managed two days in a row. Today is non stop raining. I want to go to the auction tonight so bad. I might count walking around the preview and adjoining thrift store my exercise for today. I vowed to walk in almost any weather except ice. I could get soaked, then just change. I feel like I would then be too exhausted to attend the auction. I need to find something special to sell for hundreds on ebay. My sales are lagging way behind this month. I would not care, if I did not have pretty shingles (expensive) for my roof to buy.



This railroad mile marker (if that is what it is called) looked like a gravestone to me. I took a slightly shorter walk today. I zigzagged through the subdivision roads, to spy on the state of my neighbors houses. Mine seems like the worst one around, until I take a closer look at others. Down the street a bunch of men were hammering away up on the roof. I am not sure if they were putting a tarp up, or taking it down. I spied a tarp on the backside. So, I might not be the only one with the stand out tarped roof. I admired the 3D shingles and hoped my ebay sales would quadruple or more so I could afford them. I liked the quirky little add ons to make their square footage bigger. I don’t want mine bigger, but a more efficient layout with a double french back or side door would be nice. I only have the front door for egress. I admired the new windows, with the stickers still on. Who does not take them off (the stickers) first thing? I like my old windows, half painted shut. I also dream of opening and closing them easily without every species of bees getting in. I try to stare at what is up next to the spot where the siding meets the foundation. I can’t see, and I don’t know them enough to walk up and poke around their house. One part of one street has basements rare around this swampy flat land. I am thinking I won’t make it if I run in a tornado this far down the street. I head back early because my left knee can not take any more. I wore different sneakers so my feet feel better than yesterday. Today I feel like I weigh 500 pounds and I have no muscles in my legs to hold me up. My arm even is sore for leaning too hard on my cane. I know I am walking so far off from normal gait. I feel like a freak, hobbling cripple and can not wait to get home.