This railroad mile marker (if that is what it is called) looked like a gravestone to me. I took a slightly shorter walk today. I zigzagged through the subdivision roads, to spy on the state of my neighbors houses. Mine seems like the worst one around, until I take a closer look at others. Down the street a bunch of men were hammering away up on the roof. I am not sure if they were putting a tarp up, or taking it down. I spied a tarp on the backside. So, I might not be the only one with the stand out tarped roof. I admired the 3D shingles and hoped my ebay sales would quadruple or more so I could afford them. I liked the quirky little add ons to make their square footage bigger. I don’t want mine bigger, but a more efficient layout with a double french back or side door would be nice. I only have the front door for egress. I admired the new windows, with the stickers still on. Who does not take them off (the stickers) first thing? I like my old windows, half painted shut. I also dream of opening and closing them easily without every species of bees getting in. I try to stare at what is up next to the spot where the siding meets the foundation. I can’t see, and I don’t know them enough to walk up and poke around their house. One part of one street has basements rare around this swampy flat land. I am thinking I won’t make it if I run in a tornado this far down the street. I head back early because my left knee can not take any more. I wore different sneakers so my feet feel better than yesterday. Today I feel like I weigh 500 pounds and I have no muscles in my legs to hold me up. My arm even is sore for leaning too hard on my cane. I know I am walking so far off from normal gait. I feel like a freak, hobbling cripple and can not wait to get home.

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