Stayed Inside All Day

It looked pretty out, but windy. I got up early, for the first time in weeks. I also took a nap and before I knew it dinner time was close and  I had no plans. I made spaghetti, and hopefully will make a trip to the store later. Maybe not. I started to clean again, but my ebay mess keeps getting in the way. I looked up some stuff for preliminary research. I have a postcard with swastikas on it and was like hey this is not right. After some research I learned that the swastika was not evil until the Nazi’s adopted it in the 30’s. It had a much longer history as a good luck symbol, used by India, girls clubs, and Native Americans just to show the widespread use of a good symbol. No more, obviously. Please leave the four leaf clovers alone too.

Quote from my postcard postmarked 1913: “Through the New Year  May Time’s swift-moving finger write for you fair day and peaceful night with health and wealth and goodly cheer through all the sorrows of the year.” Mary C. Low