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I have some ephemera listed on ebay. This postmark from 1940 is on an envelope that goes with a Thanksgiving card I am selling. I have so many other goodies to add. I hope to be taking lots of pictures while we are riding out Hurricane Sandy. Or maybe just in the aftermath, if we make it. I am always scared of high winds. We have no basement and big trees. I also hope we don’t get the snow this soon. I still have yard work to do. I just realized I have to put my hose away before the freezing temps. I plan on buying rock salt tomorrow. I need to park my car in the driveway instead of the front yard. I need to fill up a few more jugs of water. It is the most I can do really, except wait for it to pass.

I have neglected my blog. It has been a year since I started it. Over a year and a half since my stroke. I have less time dedicated to blogging now. I did the post a day for so long, then fizzeled out. Like everything else I do, I  get sidetracked. I forget the important stuff. I roast pumpkin seeds instead. I forgot to take a picture of my lighted jack O’lanterns. I forgot to light them. I might light them November 1st, sitting on top of a snow bank. That would be a real scary sight.