I won’t be crocheting this soon


I try less often to do the things I used to do with my left hand. It gets too frustrating, and tires me. I get tired often enough without being frustrated. I am headed for a nap now. I woke up much earlier than usual to finish off the last bit of laundry. Just in case the power goes out later. I also have been filling containers of water to put in the freezer. I wait for one to be frozen before I stick in another.  When they are solid, I am popping them out and putting in baggies before I stack them back in the freezer. Right now the wind is just starting to get breezy. The clouds are coming from the north now, and that is unusual. The projected path of Sandy varies so much over New York State. I am still in the zone for tropical storm strength winds. I have four big trees in my side yard. I also have a small plot (not owned by me)  of woods directly behind my shed. My daughter came last weekend to reinforce my shed roof with a tarp. I am hoping it does not become a sail. Worse yet, I hope it does not become a target for a tree to smash through. They keep talking about three systems converging, without mentioning spawning tornadoes. They also talk about the Canada air mass coming down over the great lakes without mentioning lake effect snow. It does seem more important to mention the 20 foot waves crashing along the shore. I hope everyone stays away while it is happening. One year when I lived near Lake Ontario, I went there to gather some water during a storm. The waves were only about 2 feet and they knocked me over. 20ft waves will probably take houses out, or at least smash them.

Well, nap time. No sense worrying, until the wind is too loud to ignore.