I am a loafer and a bum!


I love these vintage postcards! So bright, so funny. I read this one with a James Cagney voice in my head.

Tomorrow is my favorite Holiday. I have my jack o’ lanterns ready to light. I wanted to light them everyday since carving them. It has been so damp and breezy. I hope tomorrow it clears up from dusk to midnight. I also hope I have time to hook up my outdoor lights. I don’t many, just a few strands. I need to hook up the outdoor extension cord because the outlet is on the end of my house. My front yard is so dark, I only have one small porch light. I have no sidewalk to my door (yet). It is going to be squishy wet grass if you want to trick or treat at my house. I hope someone does. The places I lived the last few years were not the “hot spots” for getting trick or treaters. We will see what this year brings. I just hope I get some good pictures of my dog, and maybe me if my makeup goes like I plan it to. My son is just hoping to scare everyone that comes to my neighbors. They have about a million dollars invested in decorations. They have a tent with casket, skeletons hanging from their tree. A graveyard with homemade tombstones, and more. I have a dollar store Jason mask, a few pumpkins, lights, bats, and two spiders. I did not make my large spider web. I have been such a loafer. Actually, I spend a million hours taking pictures and trying to list my stuff on ebay. I am trying to do that now, but their sight is having some glitches and I can’t get more than one done. It is so frustrating. I hate when things don’t work.