I Love My New Job

Where else can you look at Rambo coloring books, and hopefully sell them? I still need to tweak my organization of “stock”. I had to dig through a pile on top of a tote, to get a book I sold at the bottom. My room is only about 6′ wide. I had to add an electric heater to the middle of my room today. I woke up with a sore throat and swollen glands, and a freezing room. I have been chugging the OJ, so hopefully that and the ramped up heat will have me as good as new tomorrow.

It was so nice and sunny out today for a big change. I ventured to get a burn barrel, to dispose of my million of pieces of tree I have piled in my yard. The inside of the open ones were coated in paint. That might be toxic to burn, so that and the people did not answer the door, made up my mind not to go that route. I might attempt the brick and block outdoor oven/bbq, even though I can’t commit to a placement. If I don’t mortar it together, I could just move it at a later time.  Or if I wait long enough, it might be all decomposed before I get around to it.

Who Dat?

I had the wind taken from my sails today. I should probably say sales. I found out my brother is bidding on my snap-on tools tie tacs. I did not know. He sent me a message via Ebay to let me know it was him. I jokingly asked if he was just bidding my item up. He might just be bidding to be nice, but most likely he has a ongoing search for snap-on tools. He suggested I take a look at his items. Of course I do out of curiosity. I spy a band uniform that looks fun, but it is a lot of 80, and over $400. I might ask if he is going to consider selling them individually.

Vintage Grime

I am drowning in other peoples funky junk. My home is starting to look like the set of Sanford and Son. I have a small car instead of a truck. I have the front seat and part of the trunk refilled with stuff I weeded out that has to go to charity. Two turkey basters, because you never know what people used them for. A whole bunch of plastic spoons and romance novels, both not worth the few cents someone might pay for them. I have a ton of craft books, but if I put them all together they are too heavy for me to lift. If I sell individually, I will need to organize them, so I can find it quick if it sells.

I also have a postcard from Disney, I hope it is vintage, but I can’t find a date on it. Postcards would be ideal for me to sell. I would not need a pile of boxes. They don’t take up too much room. Trouble is I only have one. That is not going to fix my roof. I have not been to the post office in a few days. That means the money flow got damned somewhere. Well here is to hoping my Rambo coloring books are hot items.

Not a real post, just an update

Friday Flashback to 1982 or 83?

This is my numero uno, way back. He looks like a natural, wrists up. I was cleaning my room (still) and this pack of pictures fell out of an album. So of course I have to stop everything and look through them. They are mostly of him, a few of me. I looked so young!  (18) Just what I need to see when I am almost 50. Anyhow, this young prodigy went on (not to play piano) but an artist just the same. His work is now on display at Boston Common Coffee Company in downtown Boston. Stop by, grab a coffee, and look at some artwork! I wish I could be there to see myself. I am so tempted to drive there for a day or two to see.

Be forewarned similar blast from the past pictures might surface of other children of mine. They might even be wearing brightly colored jumpsuits! It was the 80’s/90’s and I was hooked on Sears clearance clothing that I charged and paid for years later.

I have a car load of free stuff I need to unload, in the rain. If I don’t slide on the freakin’ wet deck getting the stuff in, I will stay up most the night sorting. I most likely will take a few bags directly to goodwill tomorrow. But, I got vintage pyrex, and I am so jonesing to clean it up and list it.  If you don’t hear from me again, it means I cracked my skull somewhere near the slippery porch.

Yes, Son, there is such a thing as child support.

It has been years since I got a plumb nickle. So it appeared out of the blue, a deposit was being made email. I thought it was a hoax. After getting two more emails, I pulled out the old child support credit card still with a virgin swipe strip. I called the customer service number, and it was true.

My son could not believe it either. We went back and bought the jacket that just yesterday I told him we could not afford. Still in disbelief, I spent most of the money like crazy, thinking someone was going to call and say it was a mistake. I am still in shock. I am going to buy a lottery ticket tomorrow (with my money, not my son’s child support).

Oh Snap

These snap-on tools tie tacs are just a small portion of my $3 yard sale score last weekend. I took some bad pics, and listed them on ebay. Sales have slowed down. I have relisted some stuff too many times. It is free to list for a while promo, so no listing fees to worry about.

I went shopping today. I got myself a 16 GB SD card for my camera. Now, I won’t have to go through hundreds of pics to delete a few dozen for space. I need to get that in my camera ASAP and post the rest of my treasures on ebay while it is still free listing.

Other fun things were bought as well. My dog now has a rufferee costume for Halloween. My son picked that out. She can wear it when she is cold as well. I am not the type to wear something once and stow it away. (except for dresses).

I would love to write more, but got to fuel up the money machine.

Still Plenty of Green

Fall the beginning

I love the springtime, when everything comes back to life. I like fall too, even though it seems like too many leaves have given up.

I took a walk yesterday down the street, to a garage sale. It turned out a bit farther than it looked from the car. That was OK, I remembered my cane. I also took an empty backpack, in case I found something. I came back with a bag of goodies that cost me $3. I am now trying to take pictures to post on ebay. My SD card is full. The only other card I can find is full. I went through all of both and deleted anything that was expendable. I have them all saved to my computer, but I feel the need to have back up as well. I have no idea where my other cards are, I think I bought two last time. That means there should be a fresh one somewhere.

We also took Ashley yesterday in the car. I had hoped she could get a run in before it rained again. It rained on and off all morning. No luck, we drove into the blackest cloud. It rained the rest of the day. We took her today. You can hear her excitement as she breaths and snorts and whines as we turn down the road towards the state park. As soon as I pulled in I saw a deer run across the path and into the woods. I hope it is not hunting season. We need to start wearing orange to go walk.

My son, back to his ham/narcissistic ways, wanted to have more pictures taken. I got a few good shots. I took the camera to get a couple of fall leaves shots, but the trees around the park all looked green. The ground told a different story.