My Favorite Holiday Come and Gone


It is not really gone yet. Until some teens come up and smash my pumpkins, I will be lighting those babies up until they start to wither. Then I will bury them in the compost pile. I never finished putting all my decorations up. I might as well start on Christmas now. My house over runneth with my Ebay treasures. Some I can’t sell quick enough. Some, that I thought I would be hauling to the recycle center are selling. I vow not to acquire any more glass or easily breakable stuff. I will see how long that vow lasts. I am not sure I will  go to the auction this Friday, I don’t need any more. I am so afraid I will miss something if I don’t go. I will toss a coin Friday I guess. I need to go to North Syracuse tomorrow, to check on my late Uncle’s stuff, his grave, and to see if I can find his neighbor buddy.