Lost Relics

In 2139, over 100 years from now and 200 after this medal was made, would anyone know what it is? Well, as it stands in 2012, someone threw this out. I am not sure if by accident or out of spite. I believe this was my Uncle Harold’s. He passed away a few weeks ago. His step daughter did not notify his family (me included) until she was in his apartment to steal all his treasures. Besides the wallet with cash and his coin collection, his car he just bought earlier this year, his model airplane and elephant collection, his gold and diamond ring, he left a legacy that she did not care to preserve. We will always remember the character he was. He served in WWII as an Army Air Guard (pre-Air Force) and received a purple heart for being shot down. The sad part is, he told very few people his stories. He did however I learned kept a detailed record of his flight missions in the war, in a notebook, along with newspaper clippings of that era. Somehow, greed and negligence overruled and these were either trashed or taken. This medal was found by a maintenance worker in his building, in the bottom of a trashcan. The man was nice enough to give it to my Uncle’s neighbor buddy. He knew he was a former Marine, and friend, and would perhaps think it was important. I had the good luck to meet and talk to these neighbors, and he gave me the medal so the family might have something to remember him by. Just a slight slip of fate that it did not end up buried in a massive garbage dump. We can’t get our phone calls returned from the step daughter. She must have a very guilty conscience. If not she should.

This is a medal from France. It has 1939 on the back. It is missing the ribbon, and has a newer key chain type small ring on it now. My son says that is the Axis symbol. That is all I could learn from my quick research.