Fine Details


I wonder whose fingerprints I see in this postcard. I believe it is another one from the early 1900s that I soon will have listed on Ebay. My sales so far are much better than last months. I still have a lot to learn. I just hope it does not happen the hard way.

I was so relieved when I woke up and checked to make sure Mitt was not president. I would have done a tailspin and nosedive into uncharted depths of depression. I know some people are and always will be ignorant. I was just hoping, for whatever reason at this point, that people could see Romney for what he really stands for. We don’t need to be led back to the dark ages. We already have natural disasters to test us on those survival skills.

I hope I will not have to find out what I lack to make it without power for weeks. This up and coming Nor’easter is just going to miss my area if the weather channel is correct. I guess we will also be blessed soon with 60 degree temps. If even just for a day, I will take it. I have plenty of outdoor projects I am avoiding.