Day of Beauty Tomorrow


It might not happen, but I seriously need my nails and eyebrows done tomorrow. I also need new tires, to take the dog for a good run, a trip to the laundry mat to free up my trunk from my huge comforter needing a huge washer, stop for my meds refill, and a zillion other need to dos. It will be a day of beauty because the weather is supposed to be warmer. Up to 60 by Monday. I love it, and hope it sticks around. I noticed my geranium and a few other potted plants have survived¬† a few nights of being frozen. I brought my small sugar pumpkin in to cook, that will have to wait until tomorrow too. I don’t want to keep my son awake.¬† My son is sleeping on the couch because he says it is more comfy. I am letting him, because his room is too drafty. The living room and kitchen have no wall between them. Did I mention how small 680 square feet is? It seemed big enough until the dog came to live. I also gathered too much stuff, but hopefully it sells soon. I will then only gather little stuff, smalls.

I have been waking up with a sore throat the last few days. My room is drafty too. Tomorrow will be a day of beauty for sure, I am going to bed early again, third night in a row. Yesterday I had no nap. Today, I just laid down to warm up, not a whole morning nap. I did not get much done, but I blame that on the cold weather. I just craved warm comfort food.