Holly go lightly


I have 100 year old postcards I am selling. (on ebay diana14gallery) I am new to the antique postcard scene. I sorted all the Christmas themed ones out, believing this would be the best time of year to clear them out. I have noticed that almost every one features holly leaves and berries in some way. I always loved the shape of holly bushes. I used to use them in my landscape designs (my high school major).  I still see some holly decorations being sold. They are not everywhere though. I see more snowmen, angels, and commercialized “characters”. I have a thing for snowmen and angels too. I need to drag my decor out of the shed, I want to adorn my porch while it is 60 degrees out. I almost finished clearing it off today, it reached 50. I should be painting the mailbox, but I will see how much energy I have left. I moved some of my chopped up tree that has been in my yard forever. It was so much heavier than I expected. I won’t be able to lift the logs into my firepit. The super awesome one I did not build yet. It took all my strength to roll the pieces or flip end over end. I will have to think like an Egyptian slave, and make some sort of pulley or ramp system to heave the logs into the fire.