My kind of weather


I wore a tee shirt most of the day, with no chill. This picture is a few weeks old. When I drove by the lake today it was so beautiful. Of course I left my camera home. The sky was red, reflecting off the big lake with all kinds of birds floating casually. I might take my camera there tomorrow. I have taken the dog for a run everyday. It is hard to stop my projects to have time before it gets dark. Most normal people would take their dogs out first thing in the morning. Not me, I am anti-morning. I actually went to get a few essentials like OJ. After a lot of swearing and yelling by both me and my son, and me hitting the weedeater to jam the damn spool of line back, I got it back in operating mode. I wacked down around the mailboxes first, then around my water man-hole cover, then started the front of the house. When the cord pulled out too many times I stopped. I wanted to get the mailbox sanded and primed. I finally did it. Now, I am hoping the weather cooperates tomorrow so I can paint it purple. I don’t think I will have time to put all my Christmas lights up as planned. It is more important to finish trimming the wild growth around the house. It should cut down on spiders and mice trying to get it. (I hope) I have not seen a mouse inside yet. They must like my shed much better.


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