Why Retail Sales Are Down


Where is the stuff we really need? I went into 4 stores today, just trying to find one little American flag. The isles are jam packed with everything presented as gifts. They are also stockpiled for the upcoming trample each other for Chinese crap black Friday. I finally found one at Home Depot. (they had plenty) Thankfully they were made in the USA. As I was walking across the big box store for the second time, since I was pointed in the wrong direction by the first employee standing around chatting, another employee asking how I was. I told her if the store was any bigger I would die. I was not joking. I use the cart instead of my cane, because it is hard to carry stuff and use the cane at the same time. I also almost fall a million times from debris on the floor, uneven floors, and people going 100 mph and expect me to move out of the way. I prefer to walk out in nature. Well, the two additional employees who looked unbusy, had to discuss where the flags might be and if they had them. One of them was correct, but she was unsure. I really love buying stuff online. What about stores that stocked our wants and needs? I don’t think that we all buy truckloads of gifts and nothing else.

I made my mailbox purple. It needs a second coat, but it looked like it was going to rain. We took off instead. I took the small flag I bought to my Uncle, who passed away a few weeks ago. His buddy already put a new flag up, so I put mine behind the plant to hold it up, since the wind knocked it over. I stopped at his former apartment to get pictures of his “man cave” he glued trinkets all over. Someone took out the shelving and pulled his change, trinkets, and glass beads off and threw them all over the front patio. It looked like someone new might be renting the place out, or they just cleaned up some of the stuff out back. Anyhow, I won’t be going back again. I have the pictures to show his daughter, that’s all I can do for now. I bought another little flag for my other Uncle (also a veteran), but his grave is on the other side of the city. So some day I will have to take a trip to visit all my peeps buried that way. Three grandparents, two favorite Aunts, two Uncles, and some distant relatives. My dad was also a veteran, but my mom still has his ashes, so she can keep a close eye on him. She wants to be buried together with him, but he wanted his ashes scattered. I don’t want to be burned (cremated). My soul is going to have a hard time leaving my body, I don’t want it forced out.


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