Elephants never forget


It was so sunny and nice and bitterly cold. Not really bitterly, but it bites. I am so tired once again. Ashley knocked over my avocado tree that I started from a pit. I think it will live, but I had a mess to clean up. I bought a little fake blue tinsel Christmas tree. I am a hypocrite, I did not look to see where it was made. I will most likely get a real small tree or holly bush too. I can put my tree collection on my ledge, out of the way from the dog and human traffic. I saw so many people with their Christmas lights up and on. That makes me feel good. I am not religious, but I like lights. I might even add my lava lamp into the mix of my lighted shiny Christmas tree shelf. So I make my own festivus. My neighbor gave me an application to get free Christmas dinner and gifts handouts. I am not going to apply. I can not eat prepackaged food. My son is too picky. He does not need any gifts. It would be a waste of people’s generosity, and it should go to people who need it. It kind of bothers me that she thinks I am so bad off. It must be the tarp on the roof and my son’s shaggy hair. He wants the shaggy hair, and I prefer to pay for my roof with cash. It might be my ragged clothes. I might have to replace my paint spattered jeans and my sweatshirts with the bottom of the sleeves cut off. I did buy some hair dye today, and hope to have that spruced up by tomorrow. I am going back to a red tone for winter. I spent a good 5 minutes looking at all the colors before relegating. I wanted a deep purple, but it is not in the mainstream Nutrisse line yet.