Yesterdays Find


I believe this is an old corn crib or grain storage. The lattice walls allow airflow to dry out the corncobs, so they don’t turn into moldy mush. I like how the sun was filtering through as I drove by. On a very lonely dirt road. It did have a canal in its backyard. It could have been busy back in the heyday of canal prosperity. All these posted properties are risky for me to walk. It is the current hunters I worry about, not the current owners who might never come around. I hope to be brave and look for old bottles once again.

I heard a mouse in my house this morning. My dog heard it too. She was curious for a second, but not curious enough to get out of the warm covers and scare it permanently away. I would like to see if she would get along with a nice cat. I would let it in, just to take care of my mice problem.