My Fascination With Ruins


Not as cool as the Mayans. I always wonder why things are left to degrade. I love the ferns that stay green when everything else looks brown and dead. The thing about this place is it was right in front of me every time I took my dog to the park. This was the first time I noticed it with the leaves brown or dropped, and the moss is no longer camouflage.

I have a million things to do. Of course I want to think of ways not to do them. I thought posting earlier in the day might provide me with more creativity. Sorry, not this time.

I had to make some phone calls today. I sound like such a dork on the phone. I can hear me pronouncing the words wrong or stuttering, mumbling. Just as equally annoying I get a phone call, the person talks so fast I have no idea what they said. I said what did you say and they hung up. They had a foreign accent as well. I could have been cursed at, received a death threat or told I was now a millionaire. It all sounds the same when you talk faster than an auctioneer. I want to write down a few phrases I make up myself to reply next time. I can’t come up with these things on the fly. I also have to say them aloud to test for my alliterations clarification. Something like “fungu you”.