I like Pie


It took me over a year (post stroke) to attempt to bake a cherry pie. I decided to buy an already made crust. Thanks to Tops Friendly Markets, I picked up two frozen unbaked shells today. Thanks to Offbeat Home blog, they posted their crumble pie topping. Perfect for a girl with only the use of one hand. It was delish, I already tried one piece. I used two cans of cherry pie filling, for the last time. There was not enough cherries to cover the bottom with one can. Two cans still did not fill it up. I left as much goo out as I could. It is the fruit that makes the pie not the goo. I happened to buy some fresh blackberries to snack on. I added them  to my pie filling to fill it out. They look great, and taste ok, taste like cherries (ha,ha). Live and learn. Real fruit next time, and why not mix the fruits. I am dreaming of adding pineapple and putting coconut in my crumble topping next time. Maybe next year I can figure out how to peel an apple without being able to hold it steady.

I was also daydreaming of planting cherry trees. If they convert our houses to public sewer instead of septic, I can plant trees all over without worrying where the roots will be.

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