Full of Thankfulness


Walking the beach at sunset, the only thing better would be owning my own beach. I had to leave by sunset, because it was a state park. Enjoyed cooking  dinner for me and two of my three kids, in my own house. I love this small house, problems and all. So glad for the great weather. I played Monopoly for a few hours and was the big loser. I only played to make my son happy,  I hate to play Monopoly, it takes too long. We should have played cards. Just thankful to be alive to play games. I also enjoyed watching people, walking, biking, jogging and walking their dogs around the neighborhood. I have never seen so many do so all at once around here. I guess they were working off the turkey. I will be avoiding the mall and big box stores tomorrow. I am taking a car load of stuff to the Salvation Army. I might shop their, and then off to the Friday night Auction.