Deal With It


I had a busy, tiring, good, bad, happy, gross, annoying, joyful weekend. Just a few highlights. Excellent weather followed by, snow, snow, snow, blowing snow. Drove in the worst of it to get the dogs nails clipped. Then made lots more food and washed lots of dishes. The oven being on helps heat my small house up. My daughter made Ashley pumpkin oatmeal cinnamon doggie treats. We found a tick on her, so I had the task of pulling it out and hoping she will be OK. I need to call the vet first thing Monday for reassurance. Skeeved out and itchy thinking ticks are everywhere, but they are not. Had fun going to three thrift stores, the hardware store and the auction for my version of black Friday. I found a three dollar shelf for my entry way. It fits into the cutesy wootsie cottage theme that my house with teddy bear shutters is destined to be. My daughter installed it, and added my cast iron butterfly hooks just in time to hang our winter jackets. She also cleared out space to break out the boot tray. Took the nails off my former picture wall, put new nails up in different spots so I could rehang the pictures. We also went outside in the cold and dark to hang out some Christmas lights. I still have to connect and reposition the lights on my flamingos. I need to make my flamingos scarfs. I need to bust out the blow mold snowman, and put some lights in him. I also need to see if I can revamp his color. My mother’s friend gave him to me last year. She was downsizing for a move. I still need to go through my old Christmas totes of decorations to find my wreath. I am hoping the snow melts and does not accumulate more so I can do this. I also will be getting a small “real” tree that will need some decoration. I might wait until my mice traps I just ordered come. I found out just before Thanksgiving that I am sharing my home with little furballs that steal my dogs food. I don’t have the heart to kill them. I am grossed out by their presence. I ordered humane traps to catch them. I will then release them in the woods. They might suffer out in the woods or become the lunch of another. It beats being poisoned and stinking in the crawlspace. I don’t want to check for snapped necks in traps either. That makes me shudder. I blame Disney for personifying the cute little warm blooded mammals. Tigers, dolphins, or otters don’t try to live in my house. No one likes unwelcomed guests. I guess it is natures way of saying you should have enjoyed the spiders. They don’t shit on your counter top or chew your walls.

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