Those Ears


I love my dog’s ears. She can be a devil dog, pain in the arse, and I can ignore her sad forgive me pretty please eyes. When she perks her ears up, my heart melts. They are softer than velvet too.

Well, I am back to wasting half the day sleeping. I also figured the few days when I stayed awake all day was when I must have forgot to take my meds. I am not sure if my brain needs all this sleep or if it is ruining my life. Maybe both. I have a headache today, only on my left side. Yes, my left ear still bleeds. I hope there is some sort of doctor that knows a patient knows their own body, and when something is not right.

Why Retail Sales Are Down


Where is the stuff we really need? I went into 4 stores today, just trying to find one little American flag. The isles are jam packed with everything presented as gifts. They are also stockpiled for the upcoming trample each other for Chinese crap black Friday. I finally found one at Home Depot. (they had plenty) Thankfully they were made in the USA. As I was walking across the big box store for the second time, since I was pointed in the wrong direction by the first employee standing around chatting, another employee asking how I was. I told her if the store was any bigger I would die. I was not joking. I use the cart instead of my cane, because it is hard to carry stuff and use the cane at the same time. I also almost fall a million times from debris on the floor, uneven floors, and people going 100 mph and expect me to move out of the way. I prefer to walk out in nature. Well, the two additional employees who looked unbusy, had to discuss where the flags might be and if they had them. One of them was correct, but she was unsure. I really love buying stuff online. What about stores that stocked our wants and needs? I don’t think that we all buy truckloads of gifts and nothing else.

I made my mailbox purple. It needs a second coat, but it looked like it was going to rain. We took off instead. I took the small flag I bought to my Uncle, who passed away a few weeks ago. His buddy already put a new flag up, so I put mine behind the plant to hold it up, since the wind knocked it over. I stopped at his former apartment to get pictures of his “man cave” he glued trinkets all over. Someone took out the shelving and pulled his change, trinkets, and glass beads off and threw them all over the front patio. It looked like someone new might be renting the place out, or they just cleaned up some of the stuff out back. Anyhow, I won’t be going back again. I have the pictures to show his daughter, that’s all I can do for now. I bought another little flag for my other Uncle (also a veteran), but his grave is on the other side of the city. So some day I will have to take a trip to visit all my peeps buried that way. Three grandparents, two favorite Aunts, two Uncles, and some distant relatives. My dad was also a veteran, but my mom still has his ashes, so she can keep a close eye on him. She wants to be buried together with him, but he wanted his ashes scattered. I don’t want to be burned (cremated). My soul is going to have a hard time leaving my body, I don’t want it forced out.

My kind of weather


I wore a tee shirt most of the day, with no chill. This picture is a few weeks old. When I drove by the lake today it was so beautiful. Of course I left my camera home. The sky was red, reflecting off the big lake with all kinds of birds floating casually. I might take my camera there tomorrow. I have taken the dog for a run everyday. It is hard to stop my projects to have time before it gets dark. Most normal people would take their dogs out first thing in the morning. Not me, I am anti-morning. I actually went to get a few essentials like OJ. After a lot of swearing and yelling by both me and my son, and me hitting the weedeater to jam the damn spool of line back, I got it back in operating mode. I wacked down around the mailboxes first, then around my water man-hole cover, then started the front of the house. When the cord pulled out too many times I stopped. I wanted to get the mailbox sanded and primed. I finally did it. Now, I am hoping the weather cooperates tomorrow so I can paint it purple. I don’t think I will have time to put all my Christmas lights up as planned. It is more important to finish trimming the wild growth around the house. It should cut down on spiders and mice trying to get it. (I hope) I have not seen a mouse inside yet. They must like my shed much better.

Holly go lightly


I have 100 year old postcards I am selling. (on ebay diana14gallery) I am new to the antique postcard scene. I sorted all the Christmas themed ones out, believing this would be the best time of year to clear them out. I have noticed that almost every one features holly leaves and berries in some way. I always loved the shape of holly bushes. I used to use them in my landscape designs (my high school major).  I still see some holly decorations being sold. They are not everywhere though. I see more snowmen, angels, and commercialized “characters”. I have a thing for snowmen and angels too. I need to drag my decor out of the shed, I want to adorn my porch while it is 60 degrees out. I almost finished clearing it off today, it reached 50. I should be painting the mailbox, but I will see how much energy I have left. I moved some of my chopped up tree that has been in my yard forever. It was so much heavier than I expected. I won’t be able to lift the logs into my firepit. The super awesome one I did not build yet. It took all my strength to roll the pieces or flip end over end. I will have to think like an Egyptian slave, and make some sort of pulley or ramp system to heave the logs into the fire.

Day of Beauty Tomorrow


It might not happen, but I seriously need my nails and eyebrows done tomorrow. I also need new tires, to take the dog for a good run, a trip to the laundry mat to free up my trunk from my huge comforter needing a huge washer, stop for my meds refill, and a zillion other need to dos. It will be a day of beauty because the weather is supposed to be warmer. Up to 60 by Monday. I love it, and hope it sticks around. I noticed my geranium and a few other potted plants have survived  a few nights of being frozen. I brought my small sugar pumpkin in to cook, that will have to wait until tomorrow too. I don’t want to keep my son awake.  My son is sleeping on the couch because he says it is more comfy. I am letting him, because his room is too drafty. The living room and kitchen have no wall between them. Did I mention how small 680 square feet is? It seemed big enough until the dog came to live. I also gathered too much stuff, but hopefully it sells soon. I will then only gather little stuff, smalls.

I have been waking up with a sore throat the last few days. My room is drafty too. Tomorrow will be a day of beauty for sure, I am going to bed early again, third night in a row. Yesterday I had no nap. Today, I just laid down to warm up, not a whole morning nap. I did not get much done, but I blame that on the cold weather. I just craved warm comfort food.

Fine Details


I wonder whose fingerprints I see in this postcard. I believe it is another one from the early 1900s that I soon will have listed on Ebay. My sales so far are much better than last months. I still have a lot to learn. I just hope it does not happen the hard way.

I was so relieved when I woke up and checked to make sure Mitt was not president. I would have done a tailspin and nosedive into uncharted depths of depression. I know some people are and always will be ignorant. I was just hoping, for whatever reason at this point, that people could see Romney for what he really stands for. We don’t need to be led back to the dark ages. We already have natural disasters to test us on those survival skills.

I hope I will not have to find out what I lack to make it without power for weeks. This up and coming Nor’easter is just going to miss my area if the weather channel is correct. I guess we will also be blessed soon with 60 degree temps. If even just for a day, I will take it. I have plenty of outdoor projects I am avoiding.

Lost Relics

In 2139, over 100 years from now and 200 after this medal was made, would anyone know what it is? Well, as it stands in 2012, someone threw this out. I am not sure if by accident or out of spite. I believe this was my Uncle Harold’s. He passed away a few weeks ago. His step daughter did not notify his family (me included) until she was in his apartment to steal all his treasures. Besides the wallet with cash and his coin collection, his car he just bought earlier this year, his model airplane and elephant collection, his gold and diamond ring, he left a legacy that she did not care to preserve. We will always remember the character he was. He served in WWII as an Army Air Guard (pre-Air Force) and received a purple heart for being shot down. The sad part is, he told very few people his stories. He did however I learned kept a detailed record of his flight missions in the war, in a notebook, along with newspaper clippings of that era. Somehow, greed and negligence overruled and these were either trashed or taken. This medal was found by a maintenance worker in his building, in the bottom of a trashcan. The man was nice enough to give it to my Uncle’s neighbor buddy. He knew he was a former Marine, and friend, and would perhaps think it was important. I had the good luck to meet and talk to these neighbors, and he gave me the medal so the family might have something to remember him by. Just a slight slip of fate that it did not end up buried in a massive garbage dump. We can’t get our phone calls returned from the step daughter. She must have a very guilty conscience. If not she should.

This is a medal from France. It has 1939 on the back. It is missing the ribbon, and has a newer key chain type small ring on it now. My son says that is the Axis symbol. That is all I could learn from my quick research.

My Favorite Holiday Come and Gone


It is not really gone yet. Until some teens come up and smash my pumpkins, I will be lighting those babies up until they start to wither. Then I will bury them in the compost pile. I never finished putting all my decorations up. I might as well start on Christmas now. My house over runneth with my Ebay treasures. Some I can’t sell quick enough. Some, that I thought I would be hauling to the recycle center are selling. I vow not to acquire any more glass or easily breakable stuff. I will see how long that vow lasts. I am not sure I will  go to the auction this Friday, I don’t need any more. I am so afraid I will miss something if I don’t go. I will toss a coin Friday I guess. I need to go to North Syracuse tomorrow, to check on my late Uncle’s stuff, his grave, and to see if I can find his neighbor buddy.