I am not that busy, just slow


It has taken me all day to take a few pictures and list a few more things on ebay. I did have errands in between, and dinner. I was driving on my way back from picking up dog food at 5 PM, in the dark, when I realized I forgot to take my dog for a run/walk today. Just as well, it was so chilly, we both would have froze. It is not cold enough for me to wear my winter jacket yet. I need it in the teens or lower for that. I won’t mind if it never gets that low this year. As long as the dolphins don’t boil in the ocean, I hope this weather evens out. I want to go to the auction tomorrow, but my empty wallet says no. I am trying my best to get everything I already have listed. Sales are sporadic, and my higher dollar items are not selling. I need patience. I might just stay put all day tomorrow, to see if I can get my house cleaned. Ha, Ha