Caught My First Mouse

IMG_4014I bought a humane live trap, and finally convinced my son to help me set it up. He gladly works when he sees the cash first. So after waving the money in front of him, he finally completed his list of chores he managed to not do during the week. I wish I made the list longer now.  So during the night, the mouse went in, the trapped worked. My biggest fear was he would take the bait (dog food) and run away. I woke up to the sound of tin clanking. I envisioned the mouse beating himself up bloody trying to escape. It was a long dragged out early morning until I deemed it was time to finally wake up and take care of business. We drove out to the country side with the trap inside a box. I did not want him freezing to death in my trunk. We turned the trap over (with a stick) and he walked out and dived under some wet leaves. We threw a few more pieces of dog food so he would not starve in a new strange land and took off. We took my dog along and stopped by the state park so she could have her run. No one was around, no hunters, no weekend warrior joggers. I now have the confidence to repeat this on my own if need be. I only saw one mouse at a time, but he must have friends that enjoyed the dog food and crumbs of my lousy housekeeping before. The other mouse traps I ordered online are being sent out Monday. I should be able to set some up in the shed as well. I had to throw out so much of my Christmas ornaments. Something chewed through the plastic tote and made a nest inside by chewing my sons ornaments he made at school. Stockings and decorations made from felt. What was not chewed smelled or urine or was covered in mouse crap. Merry Christmas, lesson learned. This could have happened either in my Mom’s garage or over the summer in my ramshackle shed. I knew I had a problem in the shed. Anything from now on I store in there will be inside tin or other metal containers. Ugh, the joys of home ownership.