My little Baby is going to be 13 in two weeks

Damin Tobyhanna PA State pkI found this old pic of him on my computer. He is about 6 or 7 here. WordPress changed their format just enough that I am totally confused. It used to be easy for me, now I am guessing that something will show up when I post. I hope I figure this out before the end of the world. When we are being sucked through the wormhole I wonder if our technology will be preserved somewhere in some dimension? Maybe it will look like pictures of crop circles, cave paintings, or Easter Island to some new life form. I hope they find the angry cat, Tarder Sauce. He is my new facebook go to for sharing. After being told all my life to turn my frown upside down, fuck you. I was born this way, my mouth just naturally downturns, After my stroke, now that my face feels numb, I care even less what other people think. I might even laugh or cry too much at some little whittisism I encounter. I laugh more than I cry lately. I don’t think it is because I am happier, I think it is just because I don’t worry about much any more. I don’t worry about my place in the world, or if I will have food tomorrow. I do my best, and everything just falls into place. It falls into someplace, even if I don’t see it. The wormhole could already be starting to open. In the voice of Tarder Sauce, I say, “Good”.

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