Kayo, Ok


I bought a tiny holly plant today. I have always wanted one. I feel I am deserve to finally have all the plants I love in my yard. I just love that I have my own yard. Ms. Holly has berries this year. She will stay inside for now. If I don’t kill her by spring, I am going  to plant her into a planter instead of into the ground. She is that small and I don’t want any weed eater accidents. I also am holding off putting anything permanently into the ground. My town/village is supposed to install sewer lines (soon I hope). Since I have a corner lot, I will have more to dig up, unless they are installed across the street. I really can’t wait to save up enough for a dog fence too. It is too dark so early, so the park is closed at dark. It messes up my whole routine trying to get everything done by 4-4:30. If my yard was fenced I could play with Ash outside in the dark, without fear she will attack the small dogs walking by. She gets nerved up watching them from inside the car, so I don’t trust her not to go after them.

My front yard is still squishy, even  though it was sunny today. I hope it stays dry long enough to make a difference. I hope it stays dry for a few days so I can try to burn in my new fire pit too.